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Snowblown, Auburn Xtacy, Aquarium, Grunge and SuperHeroes Text Effects for Photoshop
Snowblown, Auburn Xtacy, Aquarium, Grunge and SuperHeroes Text Effects for Photoshop
Photoshop ATN | 7 Actions | Adobe CS+ | 8.62 MB

Here is another complete makeover of one of my old text effects Come see the softer side of text . P.S. was originally inspired by the idea of that afterthought tacked on at the end of a letter. As such, the effect gave text a soft, gentle feel. Although this action has been completely made over, the inspiration behind it is the same. The action renders a gentle effect with muted colors and soft edges. Enjoy

This text effect conjures up feelings of a blustery day, cold snow, and a fierce north wind.
Imagine a dreary, cold winters day with the wind howling and whistling through the trees and the brush — fallen snow whisking across the open areas, creating a hazy white mist. Then imagine the same thing on your text Well, the Snowblown effect looks something like that, anyway. When the action is complete, all layers are moved into a set for easy tweaking or moving in to your project.
Auburn Xtacy
An attractive auburn-colored text effect that is yours to use free.
It seems rather difficult to describe in words exactly the appearance of this action. As you can tell, it forms a dark brown textured border around the text, with the inside being a lighter, streaky yellow. Although the action itself does not have a particular theme, I do like the appearance of the end result, and it should have a broad range of possible uses. As always, the action ends with each element in the effect separated into a different layer for easy customization. In this particular effect, you may want to experiment with showing/hiding layers after the action finishes, as doing so yields some other alternate looks.
Old Love Letter
Similar to Old Parchment, you can now print out your own well-loved letter.
his action creates a folded, stained 8 1/2×11 inch piece of paper that looks like it has been stored away and treasured for many years. So… I created the paper… its up to you to create the letter
Here is an effect which mimics the appearance of a water-filled aquarium inside your text.
As you can see from the preview, the effect is translucent, so whatever you place behind the text will show through the effect. When the action is completed, it is left unflattened and the layers are neatly organized into a layer set for easy customization and movement into your project. The border, water, and glass are all left in their individual layers with layer effects intact.
This action takes your text, batters it, tears it, and puts it through the ringer to create this grungy effect
The effect looks a little different each time you run it, so you can use it multiple times and the results will never be identical. Additionally, youre given the option to customize the color and saturation to your own liking. Enjoy
Dont settle for ordinary text — make it super Heres an effect to help you do just that.
his is actually an action set comprised of 6 different actions. The first creates the generic superhero text, the second gives a thinner 3-D effect, and the third takes the 3-D text into the distance.
The last three actions are Modifiers. These actions create a different effect on the action youve already run. However, you must stop the text effect as directed (at the prompt which asks whether or not to continue and merge layers) in order to run the Modifier actions.
The effects themselves can be customized quite extensively, including font, distortion, location and size of highlight, and color of the text. In addition, youll have the option of keeping the effect unmerged so you can fiddle around with the layer styles or run the Modifier actions..
Snowblown, Auburn Xtacy, Aquarium, Grunge and SuperHeroes Text Effects for Photoshop

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